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Racontuer has a long experience in producing children’s television from pre-school to young adult.

Senior Producer Veronica McCarthy was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1995 to explore the area of children’s television internationally. This saw one of her productions represented at the prestigious Sarebrucken exchange.

  Mum Can I Drive?
There are some moments in life that are so powerful they leave an indelible mark on our memory. Driving a car for the first time is one of these. Those mixed emotions of fear and glee, euphoria and trepidation. To experience speed at your control, to be independent, to be trusted, to be responsible. It's a difficult juggling act for an adult let alone a fifteen year old. Yet most of us do it and eventually succeed. We have our first badge of growing up, a driver's license. Mum, Can I Drive? follows the experiences of seven youngsters, Becky, Jack, Kirsty, Michael, Pip, Stacey and Tom as they test relationships and fear thresholds while learning to drive in the family car. This seven part series aimed at the emerging driver gently educates by putting the viewer in the driving seat.....more>
  The Go Show "this is my home"
These stories, made for the daily TVNZ pre-school show, have been shot in and around Christchurch capturing the lives of NZ children in their home environment. For further information on this programme contact PIckled Possum Productions Auckland.....more>
  Animation Station Series 1 & 2
Groundbreaking work from young Kiwi animators . Proving that age and inexperience is no barrier, animators from five to twenty five have been at their computers and handy cams making short works . Mastering one of the most complex processes of the moving image world is once again proving to be kids stuff as the fevered imaginations of the nations young filmmakers works show on Animation Station. Collected, compiled and presented by Dando, the very animated host and with the assistance of his sister Zoe and their cat Scratch, Animation Station brings work from the bedrooms, kitchens and classrooms into the lounges of the country....more>
  The Big Chair Series 1, 2, 3 & 4
Animated stories for children 4-9 years, written by well known NZ authors such as Margaret Mahy, Kate de Goldi, Oscar Kightley, Michelanne Forster, Jack Lasenby, Joe Bennet, Elsie Locke, Tessa Duder... and read by personalities sitting in a large green chair. The animimated illustrations accompanying each story are drawn by 10 year old children.....more>