Real Dads Revealed
Director: Bill de Friez . Producer: Veronica McCarthy
1 hour

For many men fatherhood is the most important role they will ever play in their entire life. And like a lot of roles in today's society, that role is changing. From the stern, authoritive and distant father of our fathers, a new man has emerged.  Today's dads want to play a bigger part in raising their children. Silently they're reducing hours, juggling shifts or simply quitting work to take on the most important job of their life. Fatherhood. Real Dads revealed  explores the changing role of fatherhood in New Zealand by examining the position from the point of view of the hands-on-Dad, and the generations either side of him; daughters, sons and grandfathers share their recollections and opinions. This documentary  looks at where our fathers think their parenting role is headed, and what impact the changing role of Fathers is having on our children. It examines the stereotype of the cardy wearing, meek and mild househusband, and reveal dads that have taken the opportunity to play an active role in parenting, covering the whole spectrum of manhood.