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In this broad catergory Raconteur covers live to air multi camera broadcasts like the Millennium sunrise for Associated Press through to the ever popular observational genre, best illustrated by our current series screening on TVONE "Making Italy Home"


  Making Italy Home
An observational series which follows the experiences of a kiwi family as they set up home in the small township of Reggiolo nell Emilia, a few hours by train from Rome.  The series follows their highs and lows as they explore their new neighbourhood, visit local markets, make new friends, find jobs and come to grips with the culture, while coping with homesickness and family battles.....more>
  Mum can I Drive?
There are some moments in life that are so powerful they leave an indelible mark on our memory. Driving a car for the first time is one of these. Those mixed emotions of fear and glee, euphoria and trepidation. To experience speed at your control, to be independent, to be trusted, to be responsible. It's a difficult juggling act for an adult let alone a fifteen year old. Yet most of us do it and eventually succeed. We have our first badge of growing up, a driver's license. Mum, Can I Drive? follows the experiences of seven youngsters, Becky, Jack, Kirsty, Michael, Pip, Stacey and Tom as they test relationships and fear thresholds while learning to drive in the family car. This seven part series aimed at the emerging driver gently educates by putting the viewer in the driving seat.....more>